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Completed Projects

AL BUSTAN PALACE  - Muscat, Oman

An overwhelming sense of tranquility and elegance emanates from the impressively tall Palace lobby, bathed in the soft lights of the oversized crystal chandelier hanging above, while a hand-blown glass fountain releases echoing sounds of trickling water. The Al Bustan Palace introduces guests to intimate moments with fundamentals of traditional Omani culture, in a modern-day design vocabulary. The cultural mix of past and present produces an opulent palette of color, texture and light, to be marveled at from every angle.


This hotel is a bold statement about making traditional design idioms into a new language of textures and contrasts, where modern materials feature the age-old skills of craftsmen. The opulence of large ceiling chandeliers is present but forever modified into a world of modernity. The apparent random nature of the patterns is intended to awe and inspire, while showcasing the new vibrancy and business importance of Okhla.


Yi Café - Health Club - Spa - Pool 

These concepts are contemporary takes on Xian’s traditions, the architectural, the artistic and even the subliminal: Yi Café show kitchen is layered with huge bronze plaques, reminiscent of the terracotta warrior armor; the Spa recalls Xian’s city wall and its moat - a dramatic yet softly lit passage guides the guests to their private retreats; the pool is an oasis of relaxation under an elegantly curvaceous roof inspired by Chinese architecture.

​JINGYA SHENYANG - Shenyang, China

Through the use of warm golden tones and vibrant blues, this modern high end seafood restaurant, located in Shenyang China, simulates life under the sea. The round shapes and reflective surfaces through-out this 8000 square meter space, call to mind underwater bubbles and glimmering sunlight as it is filtered through the constantly moving ocean’s surface.

​JINGYA ZHENGZHOU - Zhengzhou, China

Located in busy, downtown Zhengzhou City, this upscale seafood restaurant has over 50 private dining rooms and can accommodate 550 guests. The random ceiling heights along with the simple, elegant and bright décor lend to an “under the sea” experience. Abstracted architectural forms simulate underwater movement and represent the ever-changing sea environment.


Facing the famous 19th–century “Shanghai Bund”, this sleek restaurant is created as its 21st-century mirror image, and brings together the past and the future of Shanghai in a single, intense design moment. The creative layout allows every guest to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of this urban masterpiece from across the river. Enclosed with clear glass partitions and raised several steps, even the private dining rooms afford the same vistas in an uninterrupted manner.


This landmark property opened to international amazement in 1998. It remains today a reference in the world for the timeless style of its modern-sleek, Chinese-inspired interiors. The seamless integration of all high-tech engineering and safety features allows luxurious materials and lavish details to take center stage: this is a unique, elegant and exclusive retreat high in the sky.

PARK HYATT MELBOURNE - Melbourne, Australia​

A modern interpretation of grand art deco style, this ultra luxury hotel captures the essence of romance and elegance in every detail and space. Almost every element of the property has been custom designed to reflect the uniqueness of the guest experience and dreams. Inlayed marbles, exotic woods, specialist glass and metal works remind patrons of luxurious ocean liners and exotic travel of bygone era.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs​

Interior style was specifically required to be “grand without opulence, impressive without glitz, heroic without fanfare”. The interior schemes express the might of the Chinese nation with a definite economic restrain in the means used to achieve the desired effect: a Chinese-inspired ambiance poetically evoked through the merging of contemporary design thinking and a traditionalist approach to shapes, materials and colors.

HONGFU HOTEL - Urumqi, China

Fragrant House Chinese restaurant – Istanbul Middle-East Restaurant - Penthouse 
Seemingly hanging in the air, glass display vitrines lend a contemporary air to the antique library which acts as the entrance to the hotel Cantonese Restaurant. “Istanbul” features custom-designed tapestries to bring middle-eastern flavors to the themed décor. Imagined as a ritual of crossing over a river gorge, the arrival experience to the Penthouse involves walking above the hotel swimming pool on a stainless steel and glass structure.


Moon View provides an almost eerie Chinese dining experience, transporting guests between past and future in one single sweep. The arrival experience is a bold, ultra-modern reunion with nature, walking through a vertical “rock-scape”. The main Dining Pavilion and VIP Dining Rooms respects traditional Chinese qualities: vistas and perspectives are grand and impressive, yet the feeling of privacy is obvious when sitting down at the dining table.

HUATING HOTEL - Shanghai, China​

A sleek interpretation of the traditional Chinese concept of “Light and Shadow”, this exciting restaurant design features custom suspended lighting fixtures, semi-transparent glass panels, and a color scheme that cleverly mixes light and dark neutral tones. A creative assembly of ancient local materials and slick finishes gives the space an elegant and modern atmosphere, and provides guests with an informal yet impressive dining venue.

Lobby Lounge – 28 Hubin Road Chinese Restaurant – Bellevue Bar
The Chinese embroidery pattern of the carpet in the lobby lounge inspires a savory mix of hushed traditions and contemporary elegance. An antique bull-cart rests on the sleek, polished granite reception counter of the Chinese restaurant, designed as a museum of local countryside artifacts. With expansive views of the nearby West Lake, Bellevue Bar features a casual, free-form built-in bar counter, where guests and waiters mingle in relaxed fashion.

JINGYA HUANGSAI - Beijing, China​

Dining in this multi-story complex is to discover an exciting design folly, a contemporary interpretation of the beauties hidden and rarely revealed in the underwater world of the oceans. Distinctively designed private dining rooms evoke the unique nature of the myriad of sea creatures which inhabit our oceans.

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