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Recent Openings



The Hyatt Regency in Yantian explores the intricacies of vertical resort design and creates beautifully exciting spaces enveloped in an aura of quiet and relaxation, reflecting a sense of “peace in the clouds”. Blue-grey and turquoise are the colors of choice to reflect the ever-changing tones of the sky outside. The décor continuity on the various levels of the property is palpable and blends this vertical resort into a unified, wholesome inner sanctum.

WANDA REALM HOTEL - Nanchang, China​

The Wanda Realm has been designed to showcase the poetic culture of the city and makes gestures to the famous Pavilion of Prince Teng and the Song Dynasty. Our design language is about flow, poetry, and prose of space. We found design inspiration in the Famous poet Wang Bo’s,” Preface to the Pavilion of Prince Teng” which is so beloved by the Nanchang people. All the spaces have been created to capture that unfolding of space with a wind/ river metaphor. 

ZAI SHU FANG SPA - Jinan, China​

A former factory transformed into a Moroccan-style spa in the North China city of Jinan: the cavernous industrial spaces are reborn as iconic multi-story inner courtyards, massage pavilions and private villas, exuding the romance inspired by traditional architectural elements of this North-African country.

HYATT REGENCY QINGDAO Suites - Qingdao, China​

Bathed in sunlight filtering through overhead louvers, these hotel suites are the ultimate in exclusive relaxation. The luxurious formality of the furniture arrangements is contrasted by weathered rattan furniture and lacquered driftwood artworks. Powerfully evocative of the tropical depths of the ocean, this collection of treasures adds the softness of nature to impressive spaces.


The interiors of the hotel are at the same time relaxing and fun for summer holidays right on the ocean’s edge, functional and elegant for visiting business travelers, yet impressive and entertaining for locals. A modern design language, embracing the relaxed and cozy atmosphere of the resort to create an elegant, unique and timeless ambiance, suffused with fashion and an overall feeling of Zen.


The source inspiration for this contemporary hotel is based on the specific site / cultural location and the confluence of both Wanda and Hyatt to create a special hotel in a special place. The materials, colors and essential topology of the planning are all based around the specific cultural and historical imagery of Jinan and Shandong province. The designs are subtle but very direct to make the hotel unique and timeless.


This is the second 5-star property that Heitz Parsons Sadek has designed for the Kuntai Group and both are in Beijing. The design approach here is to create grand public spaces that will be memorable, transcendent, and celebratory. Classic grand hotel elements such as lighting and finishes have been carefully custom-designed to give the guests an original and refreshing sense of grandeur and elegance.

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